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Liquiproof Footwear Protector - Fabric | Suede | Nubuck | Sheepskin - 50ml-Shoes Care-Navy Selected Shop

Liquiproof Footwear Protector - Fabric | Suede | Nubuck | Sheepskin - 50ml

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Weight: 69.00 Grams, 50ml

The world's best shoe protector spray. Permanent, invisible, eco-friendly, harmless, non-flammable and odourless footwear protection for shoes, trainers, sneakers and boots.

Unique, highly effective proofing spray creates an easy clean superhydrophobic protective coating that prevents damage from everyday spills and stains. Each individual fibre of the material is treated utilising advanced nanotechnology.

The invisible barrier effectively repels liquid, mud, dirt and prevents alcohol and water stains. Residue easily washes off with just water. Safe and suitable to use on all types of absorbent fabric including suede, nubuck and sheepskin.

Suitable for all types of absorbent fabric, such as:

  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Synthetic
  • Polyester
  • Cotton / Poly mix
  • Tweed
  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Suede
  • Nubuck
  • Sheepskin
Not suitable for 100% polyamide (nylon) these fabrics are already water and stain resistant.

Key benefits
-Water and Oil resistant - most household liquids are repelled
-Water based, Eco-friendly, non-toxic, harmless, nonflammable and flourine free
-Suitable for all types of fabric – Synthetic and Natural
-Invisible coating – No change of original appearance and is completely undetectable
-Super long lasting - Hand washable up to 25 times
-Maintains breathability
-Odourless – Can be applied indoors
-Easy and simple one step application - Spray on and leave to dry
-Non-aerosol - Ozone-friendly
-UV Resistant - Reduces effect of fading


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